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Still Wearing a Patch But
A small improvement in eyesight in the past few days so hopefully on the mend. Desperate to get back to work.
The first plane I flew
The first plane I flew at 15 years old, a Cessna 150 belonging to the West of Scotland Flying Club at Glasgow airport. Sadly destroyed in an accident in [...]
Airlander Gets Airborne Again
Since last August the Hybrid Air Vehicles team has made a number of additional modifications, the main visible ones being a new more powerful and more [...]
May – a great month to view Jupiter
Jupiter imaged by Damian Peach This is a great month to observe Jupiter which came into opposition on April 7th so, during May, will be visible in the [...]
Murder in the Red Bar by Chris Halton
A Day & A Night in a Haunted Ruin by Chris Halton
Money managers for Linux
Linux offers tons of great applications for any desktop user, but did you know that you can also get some very useful money managing apps? A writer at [...]
Install OpenShot video editor in Ubuntu 16.10 and Linux Mint 1
OpenShot is a free and open source video editor. It is cross-platform and offers many powerful video editing features. Here’s a video preview of OpenShot [...]
Bought a new car today
Hyundai i30 SE Blue Drive