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TILBURY – Story of a Tudor fort
From Chris Halton, excellent as always. Here is our most ambitious work to date, and covers the history of Tilbury fort in Essex. Regarded as the best [...]
Another excellent video from Chris Halton. A journey into the distant past to the sole remaining preceptory tower of once a vast Knights Templar estate in [...]
Back to Work
Eyes back to normal at last and just finished my first week back at work. The tattoo is a fake
Still Wearing a Patch But
A small improvement in eyesight in the past few days so hopefully on the mend. Desperate to get back to work.
The first plane I flew
The first plane I flew at 15 years old, a Cessna 150 belonging to the West of Scotland Flying Club at Glasgow airport. Sadly destroyed in an accident in [...]
Airlander Gets Airborne Again
Since last August the Hybrid Air Vehicles team has made a number of additional modifications, the main visible ones being a new more powerful and more [...]
May – a great month to view Jupiter
Jupiter imaged by Damian Peach This is a great month to observe Jupiter which came into opposition on April 7th so, during May, will be visible in the [...]
Murder in the Red Bar by Chris Halton
A Day & A Night in a Haunted Ruin by Chris Halton