The first plane I flew
The first plane I flew at 15 years old, a Cessna 150 belonging to the West of Scotland Flying Club at Glasgow airport. Sadly destroyed in an accident in [...]
Airlander Gets Airborne Again
Since last August the Hybrid Air Vehicles team has made a number of additional modifications, the main visible ones being a new more powerful and more [...]
I Learned About Flying From That: With a Little Help from My Friends
By Bud Edwards My wife was loading the Freedom Machine with luggage and our three young sons as I entered the Greater Cincinnati FBO to file IFR for the [...]
I Learned About Flying From That: An Airline Crew’s Close Call
By Andrew Ross Through the years, I have enjoyed relating to ILAFFT stories in Flying and have even corrected a few bad habits based on what I’ve read. I [...]
I Learned About Flying From That: Icing Above
By Robert M. Hanrahan I was a 30-year-old 600-hour instrument instructor with half ownership in a well-equipped Piper Archer II and a good job to pay the [...]
Autopilot logic kept 747 on fatal descent path
Russian investigators are advising Boeing to consider amending autopilot logic to avoid the possibility of an aircraft’s automatically following a descent [...]
Increased Lateral Separation Urged as A380’s Wake Flips Challenger 604
One of the earliest things I learned from a pilot I flew with (not my instructor when I was training),) was if it felt necessary delay my take off or [...]
I Learned About Flying From That: Into the Gloom
I no longer fly but still keep an active interest especially articles that highlight safety. This article by Maury Hudson Standing on the ramp, glancing at [...]
PAL-V Flying Cars Now for Sale
Dutch developer expects to make first deliveries by the end of 2018 If you’re in the market for a new vehicle but still can’t quite decide whether you want [...]
SpaceX Says It Will Send Tourists Around the Moon
SpaceX A rendering of the Dragon capsule that would be used in the moon trip. SpaceX this week unveiled a bold plan to send two private citizens around the [...]