Murder in the Red Bar by Chris Halton
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A Day & A Night in a Haunted Ruin by Chris Halton
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Glasgow’s 11 most terrifying subway hauntings
MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals terrifying tales of Glasgow’s underground train system that will give you the creeps Glasgow Subway opened in 1896, making it the [...]
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Police investigate reports of a ‘poltergeist’ after witnessing paranormal activity at a home in Lanarkshire
Police in Lanarkshire are investigating reports of an apparent poltergeist ghost which is believed to have been haunting a house. Experienced police [...]
Scientist Claims to Have Decoded Crop Circles
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Scientists Believe There’s a Paranormal Dimension
Albert Einstein, and many physicists who have conducted studies after him, have found that human beings are only able to perceive three dimensions out of [...]
British Athletes Claim ‘Sex Ghost’ Is Haunting Their Reality Show
Well, that’s one way to scare up publicity. Two British athletes starring on a reality show are claiming that a sex ghost seems to be haunting their hotel [...]